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What is No-NET-Cost Solar?

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The Australian federal and state governments are currently offering large incentives to eligible homeowners, giving them thousands of dollars towards their solar installation.

This means that the homeowner’s contribution to the solar install is relatively small. And considering that most households will save 65-85% on their electricity bill, it is easy to see that the savings can easily cover the repayments. Enter, the No-Net-Cost Solar Program!

No-Net-Cost Solar means that most homeowners that don’t buy the system outright see immediate savings. Participating installers offer $0 deposit, 0% interest financing and guarantee that the combined solar payment plus the reduced electricity bill is less than your current electricity bill.

So there is no net cost at any point in the process.

Then, after two to five years, the system is paid off and it’s large savings from there. Most homes save 65-85%. Some customers even receive a payment from their power company each quarter (their bill is in credit)!

So what’s the catch?

Well, not all homes are eligible to join the No-Net-Cost Solar Program.

The location of your home, roof aspect ratio, current electricity spend, and a number of other factors determine if your home is suitable.

Use our tool below to find out if you are eligible to be part of the No-Net-Cost Solar Program and learn how much you could expect to save with solar.

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