Save with solar!

Take this survey to see if you qualify.


You may qualify to get paid to go solar and receive solar panels at no net cost, saving you thousands each year in energy bills.

Here’s exactly how this works…

Right now the government is giving Australian homeowners owners thousands toward solar installation. 

And you also get paid for the excess power your solar system generates that you don’t use.

These incentives allow some homes to get a $0 deposit solar savings plan that is paid off with the savings in their power bill. 

Basically, you could swap your current electricity bill with a (cheaper) solar savings plan for a few years.

Many homes will pay less than they do now from the very first day. 

This means you will start saving money immediately without paying a cent upfront.

Then, in a few years (once the savings plan is finished) your bill will be drastically reduced. Most homes save ~75%.

And because you get paid for any excess electricity you don’t use, some of our customers are even in credit each quarter, meaning they RECIEVE payment from their power provider.

How to receive solar panels at No-NET-Cost

Step 1 - Pre-screening

Complete the quiz above so we can assess your home’s qualification.

Step 2 - Solar Consultation

An analyst will review your responses and call you if you conditionally qualify.

Step 3 - On-Site Review

If you conditionally qualify, you will receive a free in-person consultation to assess your home, finalizing your savings plan for going solar.

Step 4 - Sign and save

Schedule a date for the installation.

Step 5 - Save Immediately

Start saving money immediately on your electricity bill with no net cost to you.

How Solar Works

Your solar power system converts sunlight into usable electricity

Your home uses whatever electricity it needs

You get paid for the electricity you generate that you don’t use

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